Shieldhill Castle has something for everyone. Stunning scenery, fresh vibrant countryside, tasty food and plentiful refreshments available for your every need. So what are you waiting for? Start planning and discover one of the most beautiful and best staycation locations this summer.


Scandinavian Lodges : Fancy having a weekend outdoors but still want all your home comforts? Then our lodges should be right up your street. Our stunning Scandinavian Lodges situated in our grounds are here to provide just that! These lodges provide the perfect balance between natural and luxury settings, with full access to all the castle facilities during your stay.

The Courtyard:  The Courtyard rooms are the perfect retreat to get away from it all, suitable for large families with interlinking rooms to keep an eye on the little ones but still have your own space. Whether you are celebrating a big occasion or just fancy some time to relax and unwind,  the rooms offer you a sense of escape with the ones you love. Our courtyard rooms are also pet friendly.  Enjoy relaxing walks around the castle grounds, or in the surrounding countryside or an energetic hike to nearby Tinto.

The Castle: There is no better feeling than being tucked up in bed in luxurious and cosy surroundings. If you’re planning a staycation and need somewhere to rest your head, a superb dining experience or a romantic getaway, then our castle rooms are perfect  for you. The Castle offers a unique balance of classical boutique and 5-star luxury.

Whilst you’re staying with us we would be delighted to help you plan your stay.  We would highly recommend a visit to the local market town of Biggar or the beautiful town of Peebles which is just a short drive from Shieldhill. Below is a list of great locations and attractions to visit on your stay.

By Car:

Biggar and Upper Clydesdale Museum- 7 min (3.8 miles)via Shieldhill Rd and B7016
Biggar Gasworks- 7 min (3.8 miles)via Shieldhill Rd and B7016
Little Sparta – 17 min (8.7 miles)via Shieldhill Rd
Bubbles Factory- 25 min (14.6 miles)via A721
Five SisterS Zoo- 33 min (20.3 miles)via A70
Hamilton Water Palace – 43 min (25.2 miles)via A721
M & D’s Scotland’s Theme Park – 45 min (26.8 miles)via A721
Discover Amazonia – 46 min (27.0 miles)via A721
Summerlee- Museum of Scottish Industrial Life- 52 min (29.0 miles)via A721
World of Wings Bride of Prey Center- 55 min (30.5 miles)via A73

By Foot:

Tinto View- 2 hr 20 min (5.7 miles)via Shieldhill Rd
Culter Fell- 2 hr 56 min (8.8 miles)via Birthwood Rd


How to plan the ultimate engagement

Want to know how to pull off the perfect engagement in time for Valentine’s Day? 


It’s engagement season and  we are so excited for you. What a perfect way to start your new year off on a high note and leap into the new chapter as an engaged couple.

Even with Covid still hindering your “ideal” plans, we can help guide you into making this proposal perfect for you both! Let’s get to it then. 


  1. Choose the wedding band (the ring that is most likely to suit and fit your partner) 

 We are lucky to have the option of going to have some of the best jewellery stores in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland.Unless your proposal is spontaneous – which is a risky yet still a fun strategy – you should always have the ring to seal the deal at the time of popping the big question, otherwise, it’ll feel a bit like an anti-climax. If you’re worried about getting the ring right, just have a look at the sort of jewellery your partner usually wears and you should get a good idea of their taste. Don’t go for something just because it’s expensive or big, got for something that resembles your love for them in the way you have took your time to think about them whilst buying it. 

  1. It’s all about you two 

We do love are-make of classic movies, however your partner has probably seen the countless films with wedding proposals that show everything from skywriting, getting down on one knee on an exotic beach, romantic restaurants that are  overpriced. But ultimately, if none of these reflects you as a couple it will feel a bit…uncomfortable and cheesy??. If your other half hates attention for example, suddenly dropping to one knee in the middle of a restaurant will not go down as well as you may hope.So make sure your proposal suits both of you and listen out for key hints from your partner on what not to do. Think about what are the most important elements in your lives? Do you love dogs for example? Then go out a walk and visit a landmark with your partner or a spot you normally go to and let the dog guide you into this big moment!! Or don’t leave the house – home is where the heart is after all – and propose with your morning coffee. Or if your hotel lovers, head out for weekend away and ask the venue to help you, at Shieldhill Castle our team are here for you. It’s all about the two of you after all so don’t be swayed into a proposal that belongs to someone else or in a princess movie. 


  1. Don’t over-plan

 Fail to prepare, prepare to fail but don’t overdo it. Your proposal should still feel natural and if you over-engineer it, you’re at risk of making it sound a little fake and robotic. Have an idea of what you want to say, for sure, but don’t write down a CV of why you are fit for the role as fiancée.  Speak from the heart and everything else should fall into place.


  1. Choose how to capture it

 You will remember this moment for your whole life, but have a think about whether or not you want to capture it another way too. Do you want to hire a photographer or recruit your friends or family as cinematographers? Or you might just be able to hide your phone to capture the moment yourself. You will always have a memory of the moment but you may want to capture it and share the act in action rather than just the aftermath. 


  1. Finally!!!! Make sure you’ll get a “Yes”!

At the end of the day you choose how you’re going  to do it, at Shieldhill Castle we’d like to offer you our biggest congratulations for when the happy “Yes!” moment comes. And remember to contact our wedding team to find out more about a hosting your special day at Shieldhill Castle.


If we helped you get hitched, let us know by emailing to be featured in a story.


The Bridal Suite

Our bridal suite is a beautiful space where a bride can take the time to get ready for her perfect day surrounded by her friends and family. It has a separate lounge and dining area to make the big day that little bit more special.

This suite incorporates every necessary feature for beautiful brides to relax and glow on their big day. From the natural sunlight peeking through around the whole suite to assist the photographer capturing all of your beauty, to the stunning views of Tinto View to overlook whilst you are about to take this journey on your own momentous moment.  

If your interesting in having your wedding at Shieldhill Castle please contact our Wedding Coordinator at