Easter is here at Shieldhill Castle

The team a Shieldhill Castle would like to wish everyone an ‘eggcellent’ Easter weekend.

Can you spot the Easter eggs and bunnies in each of our newly renovated rooms? Speaking about rooms, why not bring some easter fun into your home, here are some top tips to do just that. 

The easiest way to bring some colour to the home is by bringing nature outside in, so why not  make your own beautiful flower arrangements, incorporating the easter lily, daffodil or tulip. Lillies naturally bloom at Easter time – it turns out this flower is full of symbolism as it is symbolic of love, hope, and purity. Daffodils, along with other spring bulbs, are symbolic of new life which are perfect to bring into the home. Tulips are often called the harbingers of spring, as they are some of the first flowers to bloom. The bright, multi-colored closed blooms of the tulips can resemble Easter eggs. 

For more top tips on how to incorporate seasonality into your lifestyle stay in touch with the Castle News that brings new blog posts every week.

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