Planning the perfect event

1. What is your event

Planning  the perfect event should be a fun process between the planner and the venue which at Shieldhill Castle we aim to achieve.  The first step is always to just sit back and really think about what the exact objective of the event you are planning is. Why is this specific event being planned? Whether it’s a fundraiser or a special birthday party, it really helps to put everything into perspective before coming to chat to our events and wedding coordinator so we organise your exact visions. Take every aspect into consideration, what is it you are trying to accomplish exactly at this event? What do you want you’re guests to feel after leaving? Think about all the great memories you want to create for those guests. You want them to be in high spirits and be in a great mood throughout the event. Write it all down to keep track of your ideas and use it as a reference point when starting the event planning process with us  and remember to always try to see through the eyes of the guests at the specific event but take high considerations into yourself as well..

2. How to make the event your own?

There really is nothing better for your event than making it uniquely yours which at Shieldhill Castle we pride ourselves in ensuring you do so. Your guests will walk away with a memory that they can never forget. Planning a unique event has its creative edge, but at the same time it has to have realistic visions.. Browse through magazines and catalogs, check out other events or weddings that we have hosted so you can get a better idea of what all the latest trends and themes you can go for.  You can use all that information for baseline for your event and then add your own special twist on things as you move through the process with our events and wedding coordinator. 

4. Write your own To-Do Lists

There is one thing that you can never go without when planning a great event, and that is a lot of well organized to-do lists. Be assured that we will have all your ideas and inspirations noted down for your special event, but having everything in writing will help to make things you are planning clearer. It gives you a complete sense of control throughout the planning process and we shall support you the full way. Don’t be hesitant in sharing your list with us, no idea is to big or too small and Shieldhill Castle will aim to archive them all. 

5. Getting planning 

There really is nothing better than the thrill of seeing your vision brought to life and knowing that all your hard work is going to pay off once you see the smiles on your guests faces. By following these simple steps you are sure to have the event you have been dreaming of and give your guests a party they will always keep in their memories for years to come. Good luck, get planning and get speaking to Shieldhill Castle to book your special event or day today at

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